Felicia Malmström is an artist, born in Sweden 1989 with ateljé in Copenhagen, Denmark. Besides her art, she works as a nurse at Rigshospitalet.

Felicia likes to mix different teqniques, materials and medium based on the message in her art. Right now she is creating ”cut-outs” inspired by artist Henri Matisse artwork in the late 1940s. She is cutting out female forms in colourful paper with scissors. She likes to highlight womens similarities as well as their differences. The colourful papers being used also create a positive vibe and she tries to give a united and strong impression of the women in her art. Even though it’s just paper, the women speaks to you with their own characters. Every piece is original unique artwork, and she only makes one of each. Felicia also use hair and her body as paintbrush in her paintings, to be fully part of the artwork, mixing different expressions and playing with the phenomena of identity and sexuality, linked to body and hair. 

In her previous projects, she has often worked with a political message and collaborated with organizations such as Human rights, Animal Rights, Green Peace and Save The Elephants to hightlight questions like ivory hunting, bullying, homelessness, meat industry, social gaps and climate change. She has studied fashion & commercial photography at Gamleby Photo School, photo history & photo analysis at Malmö University as well as art & documentary photography at Kulturama in Stockholm. Felicia has been awarded a number of scholarships, including the ”Iris Scholarship” for young women who, through their efforts, have contributed to development not only for themselves but also by being good role models for others. With this financial contribution, she traveled to New York in 2016 to carry out the projects "Act Don’t Talk" and "What About Liberty?" based on art performances on the streets of Manhattan. These projects have contributed to the debate on the global warming and highligted questions on the climate change.

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