Bacon Is Over

I think that it is more efficient to work from different directions in order to disseminate information, trying to find new ways to communicate with the viewer and audience. For this project, I have collaborated with the organization Animal rights. I support their work and want in my own way, help in the struggle for animal rights. I hope to contribute to the debate on the pigs’ situation in the meat industry and that people start to think about their own position on this issue. I want to shine a light on the cruel realities of the pigs in the meat industry. It is an issue that has become increasingly important to me. We live in an era where we have to start thinking in a larger perspective and understand that our actions as individuals actually matter on a bigger scale. What we choose to do can be crucial for the animals welfare. I have photographed five people disguised with a pig mask. The series depicts a group of demonstrating, they are creating an army to rebel and to improve their situation. These individuals will act pigs’ extended arm, the voice of the animals. I call the project "Bacon Is Over". The title is inspired by Yoko Ono and John Lennon quote "War Is Over - If You Want It" from the demonstrations against the Vietnam War.

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