Have You Forgotten Us?

Lea Gleitman was born in Oświęcim in the south of Poland in 1924. She grew up in a Jewish orthodox environment surrounded by a very large family. But the idyllic Oświęcim was given a different name. When the Germans occupied Poland, Oświęcim was given the name Auschwitz. Since 1991, Lea is a member of the information group “The Holocaust Eyewitnesses”. She visits Swedish schools to inform about the Holocaust and to talk about her own experiences from the ghetto in the town of Sosnowiec, the forced labor camp Gräben bei Striegau in eastern Germany and the death march to the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. When this project started only two of the twenty members of “The Holocaust Eyewitnesses”, were still alive and also active in schools. When I heard about Lea Gleitman, I decided to document her story. As we worked with this project, we became friends. Our collaboration resulted in a slideshow with portraits of Lea, historical pictures of her large family that was murdered by the Nazis. I have also added my own photographs from visits to the Auschwitz concentration camp. To those pictures I sound recorded Lea telling her story. I now urge everyone reading this, to listen to her story and to share it further. I believe it is our duty as humans to continue telling what happened for the sake of all Jews who lost their lives in the Holocaust and who will never be able to tell their story. We are obliged to learn from the past, to inform future generations and to never ever forget what happened.

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