The Last African Giants

During the 1900's the number of elephants wase greatly reduced, mainly due to the large ivory trade. Currently about 100 elephants are killed every day. Therefore, the African elephants have drastically reduced in numbers. The elephants exist in more than 30 countries in Africa today, but if this amount of poaching continues there will in ten years only be elephants in 6-8 countries. The brutal hunt for elephants has reached record levels. According to the latest estimates, approximately 35,000 elephants are killed each year. This means that every 15 minutes an elephant is killed by poachers. There are several large protected areas such as national parks to monitor the elephants but even here the elephants aren't safe. Man is the elephant's greatest enemy, but in Asia it is primarily the shrinking living space that is creating conflicts with the local people. Here, elephants are killed most often when farmers must protect their crops. In Africa however elephants are killed by those who earn big money from ivory. Ivory is used for various purposes such as beautifully carved figures that are popular in China. The main imports come from Thailand, Vietnam, China and Egypt. My pictures are another way to stimulate debate in this fast and worrying development. This systematic eradication of our last walking mountain of muscle, must stop before it is too late.

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