Looking Inside Out

For three weeks, I walked the streets of Stockholm, scouting fifty people that I photographed in a studio. I named the project ”Looking Inside Out”. It's about peoples appearance and how we want to be perceived, it's about daring to be different and standing up for who you are. With each person I photographed, I had a unique meeting. I let the people pose without any instructions in front of the camera so everyone had the same conditions. What has been so interesting is that a lot of people came with a well planned pose to the photoshoot, a pose they called ”their thing”. The idea was that they were going to show me who they are in one single picture. This project was photographed in 2013 and was later made into a book in 2015 in connection with my exhibition STOP AND THINK. In this project, I wanted to work against bias, especially those applicable to peoples appeareance. Style and identity are two things that are very important in teens development. In todays society the juvenile period has become longer and it is more important than ever to express your style to show who you are. In the identity process we search for affiliation in different groups, at the same time we want to distinguish ourselves from others. Because of this we have different styles and subcultures where clothes, music, hobbies and friends are important identity markers. We the people need to stop judging each other for what is considered normal or abnormal. We should instead accept the fact that we humans are all different and therefore unique.

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