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Exhibition - Norrköpings Art Forum (Konstforum)

Opening of the exhibition 27/11  12.00-16-00
At Norrköpnings Konstforum (Art forum), Saltängsgatan 19.

The exhibition runs until 11/12 2016
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12.00–16.00

Act Don't Talk - New York 2016

I have been honored to receive the Swedish Iris scholarship, a project grant awarded to women with great momentum and strong ambitions.

During August 2016 I'll be working with my upcoming photoproject "Act Don't Talk". The project is aboutthe human impact on the environment and the global imbalance in the world. 

Follow the project on my facebook site Felicia Malmstrom Photography

Exhibition - Malmö Public Library

Opening of the exhibition 15/2  10.00
At Malmö Public Library, Kung Oscars väg 11, 3rd floor

The exhibition runs until 4/3 2016
Opening hours: Mon–Thurs 10.00–20.00 Fri 10.00–18.00 Sat & Sun 11.00–17.00

Vellinge Culture Award 2015

I have been honored to receive the Swedish Vellinge Culture Award in 2015. I feel incredibly honored by this award and the board statement.

"Felicia Malmström, your passion for photography has been woven together through your education and travels which contribute to a desire to help people, makes us reflect and enhance the world we live in. You use the camera lens as a tool to highlight various social problems and combines excellent the documentary with art. Your talent for photography has already yielded results in the form of exhibitions and a book so Vellinge Municipality would like to encourage you to continue realizing your career by assigning you Vellinge Culture Award."

Exhibition - Bacon Is Over

Opening of the exhibition 18/12 17.00-21.00
At Galleri Ting, Mäster Danielsgatan 3, Malmö

The exhibition runs until 1/1 2016
Opening hours: Wed & Fri 16-20 Sun 15-19

In cooperation with the organization Animal rights

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