Nobody - It Can Happen To Anybody

I have photographed miniatures in typical Malmo(Sweden) environments where I try to highlight the poverty that exists around us. I have chosen to keep the dolls gender neutral and call it Nobody. I call the project; "Nobody - It Can Happen To Anybody". There are often prejudices about which people are in danger of having this happen to them, but I believe that life can turn quickly for all of us in different ways. It's important not to forget that we are all humans. I want to show the "little" person in problematic contexts in which there are great injustices and prejudices. Through my photographs I want to influence the general public as well as politicians to in a compassionate way help these people in need. I also hope to reach out to the younger ages, because I think that it is in the future generations that we somehow need to talk about solidarity. I have seen how these gaps between people's living conditions are growing, how more and more people are forced to beg for money in order for their families to have a better life, or to actually be able to survive in their home countries. A worrying development that affects us all, not only in Sweden but throughout Europe and that means that we must engage ourselves. I feel great empathy for the atrocious conditions the homeless are forced to live under and the sense of powerlessness many of us who have faced this problem feel.

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