Zlatan Ibrahimović - Based on a true story

To find your path in life, where do you start? Finding your passion means that you have to develop the potential and inherent power of yours. And dare to believe that nothing is impossible. Zlatan said once; "Everybody can not be a football player, but everyone can be the best at something. And it's about finding it and giving it all". The mental power is incredibly strong and it is all about life and how we choose to look at our existence. By opening your heart and daring to invest in yourself, you will grow, learn and develop. But if you fail, it takes courage and a will of steel to start all over again. Major and crucial changes do not happen overnight. It’s important not to forget to appreciate the small steps that leads you to your goal. There are many children and young people who do not get the encouragement they need and are forced to find their own inner voice to follow very early in life. Many of these children succeed at all odds, because their goal is in sight and they know that they must try to fight regardless. In my art I have worked a lot with the phenomenon "the little human in the big society". To reinforce my message, I usually use miniatures and barbie dolls. In the project "Zlatan Ibrahimović - Based on a true story" I have chosen to make an interpretation of Zlatan's career in miniature form. Zlatan is a great inspiration to many, both on and off the football field. The series consists of twelve photographs that resulted in a calendar (210x280 mm) for 2018. For each calendar I will donated to ”Musikhjälpen”, whose theme this year is: "Children are not for sale". Contributions to Musikhjälpen, this year, include projects that work preventively from educating children and young people about their rights and becoming so-called children's ambassadors, who can then spread the knowledge to other children. The money also goes to rehabilitation of children who have managed to get out of sex trades by getting help and support in the form of practical things like a kit of clothes and hygiene items, medical examination and psychological help. Four children per minute are sold in sex trades around the world. Assistant during the photoshoots, Kamila Schneltser and Leo Malmström. Designer of Zlatan's football suit, Cecilia Nilsson.

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